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Welcome! • ˇBienvenidos! • Bienvenus!

This page was designed to be a jumping off point for MiddleSchool and High School folks, teachers and students alike, who are exploring theWeb as part of their language-learning. Internet-based sources are fabulouslyrich, but they are just a beginning, a Punto de Partida or Point deDépart for larger interactions within a learning environment.

What you will find here are:

Joanna Porvin
Teacher & Consultant

Please e-mail me with good URLsor if you have problems with those included here. Thanks. Gracias. Merci.

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What's new?

Not much.

Not a hint of Web 2.0!

Otherwise, same old, same old... 

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I would like to thank LyndaMilne for excellent design advice and pointers to many useful resources onthe Internet. Thanks also to Dr.Patricia Baggett, Dr. CarlBerger, Dr. Jerome Johnston,Dr. Fred Goodman, Dr.Nichole Pinkardand Dr. Sandy Dugan forencouraging me to pursue this work within the context of their classes at theUniversity of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University. Merci and Gracias to thefolks from CLEAR (Center for Language Educationand Reseach) at Michigan State University, Pat Mosele, Charlene Polio,Dennie Hoopingarner and India Plough, for allowing me to develop the writingactivities during their summer institutes. (And especially for introducing me toTerry, Donna, Gretchen, April and the gang.) Many thanks to people who havepassed along useful websites to me, including: Robert Abel, Maria Kourouvasilisand Bonnie Middeldorf (Grosse Pointe Public Schools), Dr. Eugene Gray and ClaireBradin (Michigan State University - MACUL'96), Dr. William Cline and Dr. Sandy Dugan (Eastern Michigan University - MACUL'98), Cindy Kendall (Williamston High School), and Emily Spinelli and Carol E.Galvin Flood (University of Michigan & Lahser High School - MFLA'98) and again to Claire Bradin Siskinwho always has great ideas. Thanks to the Yahoo folks for the new/nuevo/nouveaugifs. Thanks also to Cindy Kendall for all things technical, always. A finalthanks to my brothers, Dan and Steve, for their technical wizardry, graphicaldesign assistance, and spider management. And thank YOU for reading the entireacknowledgement section. You weren't skimming, I hope.

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